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Air Conditioning Repair - Air Conditioning Questions
1.40 How much does Air conditioning cost to fix?

Q. I've heard that it costs $100 just to nail down the problem, and people have spent up to $1000 to get it working, only to find it konks out the next summer. To fix or not to fix?

A. With all of the laws that us technicians have to comply with, I'm surprised that any one can afford to have their A/C fixed. You never know where the leak might be or what component is the problem until you get started. I have had a leaking Schrader valve that costs less than $5.00 end up costing the customer over $100.00 for the repair. Reason being is we have to remove all of the freon to be able to open the system and change that little part. Then you have to evacuate the system to create a vacuum so you can recharge the system and charge for the freon that was used. What I have just said involved equipment that exceeds $5,000.00 in value and is required by the federal government to be able to work on A/C systems. Is it any wonder that these repairs are so expensive.

1.40 May I please have some good advice on air conditioning?

Q. I maintain that it is more cost-efficient to keep the central air conditioning on at a high temperature (like 79 or 80 degrees) if I'm going away for a long weekend, than to turn it off and have to cool down a hot house when I return. Friends tell me this isn't true. Does any expert out there know the answer?

A. You are quite right to a point. It does take much more energy to cool a hot house then one that has been kept at a moderate temp. while not at home. However, some of the newer units are designed to cool more quickly using less energy, (SEER Rating). If your unit is 4 years old or older, you are on the right track. Keep the outside unit clean. Have the indoor coil and blower checked in the spring and change your filters on a regular basis and your unit will run at its greatest efficiency.

1.20 Can anyone recommend a good air conditioning repair company in Miami? The a/c appears to be leaking freon?

Q. The split A/c is not cooling. I called a tech and he changed a capacitor, charged freon and left. It worked fine for 3 days after that once again it stopped cooling. He did not check for leaks - simply said the unit needs to be replaced.

A. See the link.

1.20 About how much does a furnace /air conditioning cost to replace?

Q. Our airconditioner has been leaking and leaving huge puddles of water on the floor from a hose attached to the back of it. The hose leads to a plastic drain pipe in the wall but its too high up and i THINK the water that is collected in this hose backs up and spills al over the floor. We just bought a BRAND NEW water heater and i dont want it rusting out but it will if i dont fix the air conditioner or set the water heater on bricks. Anyone know why its leaking and a inexpensive way to fix this? The hose is not clogged up either. I was wondering if a replacement air conditioning/heater (its combined) will cost us around 6,000 or more? Or will it be easier to fix whatevers wrong? ANY suggestions on what to look for in the back of of it or inside of it that can possibly be the cause to the air conditioning leaking and flooding the little room out. The heater works great. The air works too it just leaks when we run it.

A. The water from the air conditioner is condensation. It is normal for the water to be produced. It comes from the moisture in the air. The hose is for it to drain away. It is gravity fed, so you need to run the hose downward to a drain. It will not run upward. Find a way to drain it downward, and your water leak is solved.

1.20 Who can tell me about air conditioning parts or lead me to a good diagram?

Q. We are trying to fix the air conditioning at work (the landlord won't do anything) and need to replace some parts. We have the ducts and I have found out that the ducts are connected to the collars (male/female). The collars are then attached to a big square piece which then has the grille attached where the air goes out. Does anyone know what the big metal square piece is called? I've been looking online but so far, no luck. And if you know of any good diagrams illustrating this, that'd be great as well. Thanks!

A. You are referring to a supply air plenum. And the grill piece is called a supply register.

1.20 Central Air Conditioning Service and Repair?

Q. We moved into our new home in Sacramento 3 years ago and we enjoyed our centralized air conditioning. About week ago it no longer blow cold air we are thinking that we need repair for our Amana Air Conditioner. Do you know any good Air Conditioning Repair/Service in Sacramento? A affordable, legit company?

A. Use yelp, service magic and angies list recommend contractors who pay them. Not sure exactly what angies list charges us but I know that service magic will sell your lead to at least 3 companies for 30 bucks apiece. Guess who eats that price in the long run .

1.20 Would you like to know how great of an air conditioning company Browns Heating & Cooling?

Q. This NJ air conditioning repair and installation company also does plumbing and heating. They are located in central jersey and serve all of monmouth and ocean counties.

A. Check with your local Better Business Bureau for open complaints, and ask for references. Follow up with the references to get your best idea. Good luck.

1.10 Installing a room air conditioner in an awkward window?

Q. I want to install an air conditioner in my "computer" room where there is alot of heat generated to due several computers and large LCDs running all day. I have installed typical room air conditioners before but the problem I'm having is that the only window in the room shuts sideways instead of shutting down, it is also a fairly tall window, about 8 feet tall. Will a typical home air conditioning company be able to solve this for me? I image they'd have to install something in the window to cover the extra space from top to bottom since the window closes sideways, probably would look ugly too. Any advice? For the record I do have home air conditioning but the computer room is on average 10-20 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. So if I want to set the computer room to 70-75 degrees, I actually have to set the house air conditioner to 60-65 degrees which makes the living areas too cold and is a waste of energy.

A. We had the same problem..... My husband put the server into the closet, with it's own separate air conditioning duct. We had outlets put in there too, so we can put a portable fan in there, if it still gets too hot....... And in his office, we have a big ceiling fan, in addition to the air conditioner


 Air Conditioning - Repair You can expect new air conditioners to give you trouble free service, but if you have an older unit, you are likely to have the need for air conditioner repairs more often. If you find that your air conditioner problems are increasing steadily, it may be time to buy yourself a new unit. AC repairs can be expensive, and the money that you spend on repairing an old model can easily be converted into buying a brand new, more energy efficient appliance. Most air conditioner problems are rooted in improper installation, or irregular or non existent maintenance. For instance, if the refrigerant is under charged or not charged according to the specifications laid out in the manufacturer's manual, then you may begin to notice leaks. If you find that your room temperature drops below the temperature that's set on your thermostat, it's usually the result of faulty calibration of the thermostat. The importance of getting your AC installed by a qualified professional cannot be underestimated.

 AC company in Miami, Florida A unit that frequently needs AC repairs is the result of poor air conditioner maintenance. You can increase the efficiency of your unit and increase its life span by regularly cleaning the filters and replacing them. Filters that are blocked with dust and debris block the air flow, and drag down the efficiency of your air conditioner. Dust laden air may carry these particles into the evaporated coil, and affect its capacity to absorb heat. It's recommended that you get your air conditioner filters replaced, or cleaned at least once or twice during peak season. Pay more attention to your filter if your HVAC system sees heavy use or a dusty environment. If you notice water accumulation near the air conditioner, it might be the result of a leaky tube if you can locate a leak in the tube, get the tube replaced. If not, it may be a more complicated problem with the pump. Frequent central air conditioner repair problems can also occur if you have the wrong size unit. For instance, in an oversized unit, the AC may switch on and off frequently, wearing out the fan motors and compressor.

The air conditioner repair tips listed above are only meant to be used by a person with more than basic DIY skills. If you are not comfortable handling electric appliances, leave your air conditioner troubleshooting to qualified Miami AC repair services. We can help you connect with air conditioning service and repair contractors in Miami.

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