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Air Conditioning Maintenance - Air Conditioning Questions
1.30 Ducts - spring cleaning?

Q. Every spring companies advertise clearning of dirty air ducts in homes. They assert that the duct accumulate dust, and mold, and cleaning them reduces allergies. Is there any truth to this. Our house (30 yrs. old) has never had its "ducts cleaned." Please advise.

A. Many people do not realise the importance of cleaning fan coils and duct work. Although it may seem things are OK, you are potentially breeding harmful bacteria and may be suffering the side affects without knowing it. If not maintained, bacteria can build up within air conditioning coils, leading to flu like symptons, sick building syndrome and fatigue. I have put a page together here that will provide much more detailed information: Regards Jon

1.10 Servicing window type air conditioning units with sealed systems?

Q. I work in the Philippines where most of the window type air conditioning systems have no ports for adding refrigerant. There is supposedly a pinch connector you can use to puncture the line for servicing. The pinch remains in the line permanently. Where can I find more information on this adapter or pinch for servicing or recovering sealed A/C systems?

A. Bolt on service ports are available through most HVAC supply houses in the USA. These work well for recovery, but tend to leak if left in a system so I won't put them in anything that's going back into service.

1.10 Is the landlord responsible for air duct cleaning? Isn't this considered regular property maintenance?

Q. Should I withhold rent if this is not addressed within 1 month?

A. No, it is not regular maintenance. It is not required at all. You can not legally withhold for this, and the landlord is not obligated to clean the ducts. Clean them yourself if you are in a tizzy about them.

1.10 Air conditioning experts?


A. Like 20 minutes

1.10 One room in house hotter than all the others?

Q. I moved into a condo a couple of months ago, and my bedroom is hotter than all of the other rooms. I've had air conditioning technicians come out several times, and the repairs have added up to over $600, but I still have the problem. I can't think of any reason why my room is consistently hotter than all the others. I've had all my ductwork replaced because I was told that the ducts weren't insulated enough, and I've had dampers installed to make sure there's even air flow in every room. For instance, right now where I live it's about 60 degrees outside. I still have my air conditioner on, and it's about 70 degrees in every room, except my bedroom, which is about 78 degrees. I'm going out of my mind trying to figure out what the deal is. I'm assuming that there must be something in or around my room that is warming it up somehow. Has anyone else had this problem, do you have any idea what it could be? Is it possible for a room to get that hot just from electric things running it in? I have a ceiling fan that I keep on quite a bit. Could it be warming up and becoming counter-productive? I have thick, dark curtains over my windows, so I don't think it's the sun - esp. since it gets hotter at night. My room is small, I upgraded the vent in it from 7" to 8" because the AC guy told me it would fix the problem. No cathedral ceilings in my room, but there are in other rooms and they stay cool. The AC unit is on the roof, and I am on the top floor, thermostat is prob. about 10-20 feet from the AC unit. The thermostat is right outside my room. The water heater is in a room adjacent to mine, but I have felt the wall next to it and it is not hot - could that still be it?

A. Consider these points 1. Is your bedroom is adjacent to a utility closet or other source of heat? 2. Usually, poorly insulated ductwork will result in a loss of heat in the system causing the air to cool off before it is delivered to a room. 3. The room may be better insulated than the other rooms in your condo. Also, an open floor plan, cathedral ceilings, or an open loft will make air treatment very difficult. 4. Where is the thermostat located in relation to the ductwork and registers? If it is in a hard to heat area the bedroom will suffer the effect.

1.10 Cleaning drain lines in air conditioner?

Q. Is it OK to pour drano or similar products down the pvc drain lines of your a/c unit to keep them clean? Also is there any reason I should not install a "T" PVC joint where the drain lines come out of the unit so that I can do this w/out having to detach the drain lines to do maintenance?

A. You can pour dilute chlorine down the drain, once you have cleared the line. It is possible to blow out the line with compressed air, CO2 or the ole' fashioned tuba method. You can install a clean out T in the line. They now manufacture a cleanable trap with a clear u joint so that you can monitor the drain. I'm not sure if is available at home stores, but you might be able to get one from a local company that installs HVAC equipment AND they sell over the counter. If you go with PVC T, install with the T junction up and add a 6-inch riser. Pick up a tight-fitting cap for the top of the T. Don't use glue on the cap, just snug it up.

1.10 Any Air Conditioning experts out there?

Q. Hello. we are installing a Diesel Generator for running our house. We are off grid. We are buying a Cummins 15 KVA/12KW Prime Power Generator. This generator can supply 23 Amps per phase in the standby mode with a PF of .8 With the normal set up, we can run only 3, single phase 18,000 BTU ACs, one on each phase. I read somewhere that by installing Power factor Capacitors, we can install more than one AC on each phase. Do you know anything about that? Is it an easy task or do I need to get an engineering degree for this? I'm some what comfortable with doing electrical work and can do minor calculations as well. Any help would be really appreciated. Greetings from Iran

A. HVAC Tech.: You need an electrical engineer to solve this problem as it does not fit into Heating, venting, or air-conditioning.

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 Air Conditioning - Maintenance Professional air conditioner maintenance involves a number of procedures that include oiling fan motors, adjusting belts, cleaning condensing unit coils, checking coolant levels etc. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) recommends specific guidelines for AC maintenance that can increase energy efficiency. For instance, if the coolant in your air conditioner is only 10% below the commended amount, you will notice that your operating expenses are at least 20% more. A professional annual AC maintenance program can keep your unit functioning efficiently, prevent future problems, and catch minor problems before they blow up into major ones. Besides, regular HVAC maintenance can increase the life span of your unit. An air conditioner that is well maintained will also suck out excess moisture from your home, keeping humidity levels low, and preventing the growth of mold. In fact, you can quickly recover the cost of your HVAC preventive maintenance program in the form of lower operating costs and repair expenses.

 AC company in Miami, Florida Air conditioning maintenance consists of a few preventive HVAC maintenance tips that can be performed at home. First of all, clean your air filters regularly or get them replaced. Air filters can quickly get blocked with dust particles, especially during the dry season, and this obstructs the air flow. It can also affect the evaporator coil. If your air conditioner has a reusable filter, simple cleaning will do, otherwise, it will need to be replaced. Air conditioning maintenance technicians recommend that you replace the filters at least every month. If your air conditioner is used heavily, or if it is dry and dusty season, the filters may need cleaning more often. Keep the outdoor condenser coil clean by removing leaves and other debris from the area. If there is any foliage at the back, get it trimmed to enable proper air flow. Your evaporator and condenser coil fins can be cleaned using a fin comb. Other central air conditioner maintenance includes making your ducts airtight. Your AC maintenance technician can seal your ducts, and can also insulate the ductwork, especially in areas like attics.

With these easy air conditioner maintenance steps, you can maintain your HVAC system and keep it functioning optimally for at least 15 years or even more. To find professionals who provide HVAC preventive maintenance in Miami, rely on our contractor search service. We can connect you to professional air conditioning maintenance contractors in the Miami area.

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